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Welcome to my Web pages!

This site is under construction.


I've put this page on the Word Wide Web (WWW) as an experiment.

Soon I will start adding some content to the other pages.

The headings on the left give you an idea of the kind of things you'll find on this site.

My main passion at the moment is tracing my family's history.

My father's mother had the surname of Black.

One of my first tasks is to put on this site all I have found out about the Black Family (otherwise known as The Blacks of Breich Water).  They are descended from James Black of Calla. His son, William (c.1700 - 1742) married Mary Tod, who died 1767. William and Mary were my 5-greats grandparents.  They are buried in Whitburn churchyard, roughly half-way between Glasgow and Edinburgh.  I visited their grave recently and found that someone had been there before and left fresh flowers!

Please keep an eye on this site: I hope to update it regularly.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to say 'hello', please e-mail me.

Thanks for reading this.

Alasdair Liddell

4 June 2000